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Nail Surgery At Home Care


Before Nail Surgery 


Bring a pair of shoes such as flip flops, sliders or crocs along to the appointment. 

Organise someone to drive you home after the surgery. If possible, sit in the back seat and elevate your foot. 

Organise a couple of days of work so that you can rest. 


After Nail Surgery 


Take painkillers, paracetamol not ibroprofen or aspirin.

Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking. 

Elevate the foot above the heart for as long as possible.

Avoid close toe shoes for as long as possible.

Leave the original dressing on for three days, do not get this wet.

Do not start strenuous exercise as this will slow down the healing process. 


Follow after care instructions 


After three days have a shower and leave the original dressing on, then take it off in the shower. 

Have a bowl of salt water in the bathroom ready to soak your toe in after getting out of the shower. 

Dry the toe thoroughly with a hair dryer on the cool setting. 


Then re dress the toe following the instructions.


Signs and Symptoms of Infection 





-Foul smell


Redness from the nail evolution is normal for a while after surgery. Look at your toe and become familiar with it so you are aware of any changes. 


If at any point you feel you have any questions or are unsure of anything please send us an email with a picture or phone reception and we can advise you. 

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